101 Ways To Die (PlayStation 4)

101 Ways To Die (PlayStation 4) – Foto: Reprodução


Complete as seguintes tarefas para habilitar os troféus desejados:

Killing with Style! (Platinum): Unlock all other trophies.
Orientation (Bronze): Complete the Training Laboratories.
Pencil Chewer (Bronze): Complete a Basement Laboratory.
First Blood (Bronze): Kill your first Splatt.
Reorder Body Bags (Bronze): Claim your first 50 victims.
Blood Bank (Silver): Spill 1000 litres of blood.
Doctor Jones (Bronze): Flatten 50 Splatts with a Boulder.
Killing 101 (Silver): Claim your first 101 kills.
Splatter-cide (Gold): Claim your first 1000 kills.
First Draft Complete (Silver): Complete all Basement Laboratories.
Moving Desks (Silver): Complete all Control Room Laboratories.
Final Descent (Silver): Complete all Bio Zone Laboratories.
Killer Research (Silver): Complete all Sector Zero Laboratories.
One Book Closes (Gold): Complete all Laboratories.
In the Book (Bronze): Discover your first WTD.
Page Turner (Bronze): Discover 10 WTDs.
Half Way There (Silver): Discover 50 WTDs.
Rest in Pieces (Gold): Discover all 101 WTDs.
Chained (Bronze): Perform your first combo.
Complex Equations (Silver): Achieve a x4 combo.
Full Data (Silver): Complete all Graduate and Master Objectives in a Laboratory.
Splattunfuder’s Pet (Silver): Achieve a three star rating for all Laboratories in any zone.
Inconceivable (Gold): Achieve a three star rating for all Laboratories in every zone.
Star Studded (Bronze): Achieve your first three star rating.
Hoarder (Gold): Amass 100 Stars.
Circus Act (Bronze): Kill 50 Splatts with the Cannon.
Nailed to the Wall (Bronze): 100 Splatts impaled on Spikes.
Frying Tonight (Bronze): 50 Splatts killed in a Lava Pit.
We All Die Together (Silver): Kill a Tank, Alpha and Rapid within one second.
Freeze! (Bronze): Kill a Splatt whilst it’s stunned.
Stuffed Splatt (Bronze): 10 Cakes completely consumed.

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